A Restaurateur’s Guide to Buying Cafe Furniture

A Restaurateur’s Guide to Buying Cafe Furniture
A Restaurateur’s Guide to Buying Cafe Furniture

Scott Batori

Australian cafes and coffee shops combined are an over $4 billion industry. So why not get in on the profits?

If you’re thinking of starting a cafe, or even if you already own one, your restaurant’s furniture can make or break its success. From the material of chairs to the placement of tables, it’s vital that you enhance customers’ dining experience through furniture.

Start your cafe’s visual plan and read on for tips on buying the best cafe furniture.

Know Your Customers

Any good business knows the key to success is knowing its customers.

Before you pick your furniture, ask yourself who your target consumer base is. Is your cafe a fast-casual diner that serves mostly millennials on a budget? Or, do you provide a four-course fine dining experience for older patrons?

Fast-casual diners should opt for more minimalistic options since their patrons won’t spend much time inside the canaltaronja.cat restaurant. Older patrons might prefer more plush seating. Family-style restaurants should provide options for large parties.

Pick Your Theme

Sports hangout, coffee shop, or burger joint?

Your furniture should fit your cafe’s theme. If you’re a hip coffee cafe that features predominantly outdoor patio space, invest in chic outdoor tables. Retro diners should look into 50s-style booth seating.

Don’t forget to stay with the times. Update your restaurant’s furniture so it aligns with industry trends like rising veganism to automated menus. For example, consider buying upcycled seating to appeal to eco-friendly college students.

Map the Size and Space

Whatever furniture you buy has to fit in the space you have, so you need to check the dimensions of your cafe and the furniture.

Keep in mind, even if the furniture fits in your space, it may still feel too cramped or too open. Draw out a rough map of your furniture plan before buying. Make sure you place your tables far enough apart and leave room between chairs.

Choose Quality Tables and Chairs

The longer you think your customers will spend in the restaurant, the higher the quality your furniture should be.

It’s not just the material that matters. The size, legroom, and structure all determine the quality of your furniture.

If your cafe is more grab-and-go, a simple plastic chair does the job. For upscale restaurants, consider investing in a comfy cafe armchair. While aluminium and plastic are easy to clean, leather attracts more customers.

Research Purchasing Options

Consider where you purchase your furniture. Plenty of estate sales and furniture auctions will have options for a decent price. But, be wary of scams at events like these.

Your two other options: purchasing from an established furniture seller or ordering it custom made. Of course, the latter will cost more, but the customisation might be worth it depending on your business.

Finalizing Your Cafe Furniture

You’ve picked out your furniture and budgeted it into your business plan. Now it’s time to buy.

Furniture companies can offer you excellent prices and the highest quality to make your cafe the hippest in town. For great deals on cafe furniture, check out our selection.