Commercial Coffee Tables

When you are looking to create a place where patrons can come in and feel closer together, there’s nothing that does the job like a pleasantly designed round modern coffee table.

The Cafe Furniture Company has put together something special with the contemporary choices in our collection of coffee tables for sale. With options like coffee tables in round, square, black, oak or walnut, there’s something in our versatile range to suit everyone. Giving you the best pieces to make your venue memorable.

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The Place for Relaxed Drinks and Dining

Once a novelty in commercial bars and cafes, now an essential in cafe furniture. There is something left incomplete with your interiors when your design is without the right coffee tables.

Finalise the plan of your cafe’s area seating with beautifully modern coffee tables that sets the tone of your diners conversations and their eating experience. Then complete the experience with modern bentwood chairs or upholstered options in our wide range of chairs, to really make your diners feel welcome. Your choices don’t just stop there. Your diners may also appreciate the low stools in our stools collection. It’s a perfect choice for rustic brunch style seating or to easily accommodate large groups around a round coffee table.

When you create a place that is cosy and comfortable, it’s easier to attract more customers. One where diners will pay merely to get in, as it’s the place they’ll just want to be.

Mastering The Space Patrons Want to Be

Where there is so much competition around, the setting is everything. Set yourself up to be a business that is different with a cafe with an elevated interior design setting. There is something transformational about the coffee tables you select to place into your bar or cafe.

We create modern coffee tables with solid wood, aluminium beams, and sculpted curvatures made through the bentwood styles to suit a contemporary palette. Complete with the light and airy touches of pale neutrals that are renowned in the latest modern coffee room styles.

Think glass coffee tables, natural wood coffee tables, light neutral palettes, and minimalist lines inspired by Scandinavian design.