Stacking Chairs

When it’s closing time, you want to make sure that your venue furniture is light and compact enough to be carried, and stored away so staff can deep clean your cafe or restaurant without any hassle. Stackable cafe chairs are a practical solution for any dining or clubbing establishment. A good stacking chair offers more than their space-saving benefits. Our collection of chairs suit daytime and nighttime venues, and are aesthetically appealing and sturdy. At The Cafe Furniture company, we have endless designs of plastic stackable chairs, stackable dining room chairs and outdoor chairs to team with any dining table and blend into your commercial establishment.

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Conserving space no matter how small your venue

Our stackable cafe chairs are designed to be vertically stacked to maximise any available space, allowing you to expand your current seating arrangements with efficiency. Since it’s common for restaurants and bars to make new seating changes on-the-go as the number of patrons increase. Stacking chairs as a result is a smart solution to accommodate unanticipated situations.

Portable, Elegant & Versatile

Our plastic, black or white stackable chairs come in a variety of contemporary, country-chic and minimalist styles and designed with portability in mind. Manufactured from quality materials, our chairs are lightweight and can be moved around and stacked away to accommodate changes in seating requirements. Our stackable commercial chairs are available in unique materials such as plywood shell, polypropylene, and timber that are not only lightweight, but durable to withstand heavy-handling.

Comfort Meets Beauty

The Cafe furniture company prides itself on combining high-quality materials and ergonomic design to create chairs that are not only stylish but comfortable. As a result, our stacking chairs are a must-have for leading cafes, clubs and restaurants throughout Australia. Whether you opt for our quaint Parisian chair or our more modern Viento or Lucy chairs, each chair provides optimal lumbar support at the right points to ensure your guests can relax and enjoy their meals throughout the day.

Can’t find a chair you’re looking for? Contact our friendly customer service team and we can find venue furniture that best fits your visions.