Industrial Bar Stools

Once inspired by warehouse turned apartments, now embraced as a designer style. Industrial stools and chairs can make the perfect answer for any hip commercial space. Our range of industrial stools for sale gives you the collection in Australia to inspire a warm toasty atmosphere and a sense of nostalgia for cosy and connective social gatherings.

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Inspire with Industrial Design

Borne out of the industrial era was a sleek, square and masculine style that made any large warehouse conversion or loft feel welcoming. This collection is made for eateries with more traditional or rustic design elements. Industrial stools pair beautifully with warm-toned bar tables and bare-brick walls in any cafe, bar, or restaurant.

Our collection helps you tailor your table settings with stools that have a solid first impression.

Colours & Finishes

Indulge in a delectable palette that is as warm and appetising as your venue’s dishes. Our industrial bar stools come in select toasty hues and universally flattering neutrals that will help liven up any location. Choose from a range of colours to complement your interiors, with finishes such as aluminium, leather, stainless steel and wood.

Back rest or No Back rest

Inspire conversation and connection, consider selecting commercial stools with a back rest to support your patron’s back while eating. Our wide range lets you choose stools with a full back, halfback or backless.


Counter Height & Low Stools

Not all industrial stools are bar stools. Select between high stools or low for a simple seating solution for any table. Those who desire the best of both worlds can also benefit from adjustable height industrial bar stools.

Indoors & Outdoors

This collection of steel stools is not just for seating inside. Find industrial outdoor bar stools within our range to outfit your outdoor terrace also.

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