Outdoor Tables

Our experts have come to know this well throughout this collection – there’s no piece of furniture that grounds a setting as well as the humble table.

You can transform any space into a breezy getaway for your guests with the elegantly bespoke outdoor tables in our range. Our collection at the Cafe Furniture Company helps elevate any simple commercial patio with outdoor cafe tables that immediately make an impact.

We have worked hard to master high-quality outdoor dining tables that make any entertaining space memorable. From casual affairs to hearty gatherings there’s nothing that elevates an evening like one spent around a finely made outdoor table.

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Create bespoke tables for your restaurant or cafe

We present restaurateurs with a range of choice to create the very outdoor table they have been looking for to complete their hospitality setting. In designs like marble, timber, and other types of stone; our affordable outdoor tables go beyond impressing in your cafe or bar, with surfaces that are also easy to maintain and clean.

Small outdoor tables make great outdoor cafe tables for casual affairs, or as outdoor side tables in a luxurious alfresco lounge room setting. Outdoor wood tables set with some Parisian chairs creates a warm and lively atmosphere outdoors that’s perfect for families and other large gatherings. Alternatively, create a more intimate setting for romantic occasions simply with the right square outdoor table made in wood, set with some lovely bentwood chairs.


Weather resistant, to endure the outdoors

When furnishing outdoor cafes, bars and restaurants, it’s crucial to use styles that are versatile and easy to adapt with the changing decor of the seasons. Our outdoor dining tables are beautifully curated from the latest tastes in furniture. Made from strong, weather resistant and hard-wearing materials in both our table bases and tabletops. For outdoor tables that continue looking clean and lovely, throughout all the seasons. Even if you desire white outdoor tables.

Our round and square outdoor tables are also available in a range of different sizes to meet your requirements.

Of course, your hospitality setting is never complete without chairs. Our company supplies clients with outdoor tables and chairs, for a full solution to seat your diners. Explore the collection or reach out to our specialists for any needed assistance.