Cafe Furniture Darwin

Cafe Furniture Darwin

Designer Cafe Furniture in Darwin

Whether you are serving up the best coffee, Instagram-worthy French toasts or a big breakfast to die for – there’s one thing for sure: your fabulous cafe in Darwin isn’t complete without the right furniture.

Set the tone and readily welcome people off the streets by selecting from our collection of cafe furniture in Darwin for your venue. We have an extensive range of cafe chairs, stools and tables in modern, contemporary, traditional and vintage styles. To give you the catalogue to look through to make your venue complete.

Cafe Furniture in Darwin for Every Indoor & Outdoor Space

Remember to make the best use of the outdoor terrace or balcony you have. Our collection of Darwin cafe furniture caters to both the indoor and outdoor spaces of cafes. So you can purchase chairs, stools and tables in various materials. Shop for furniture in timber, wicker, resin, aluminium, cast iron and stainless steel for either setting, all in one place.

An indoor cafe area can use any range of materials. However, we find that some of our most popular indoor furniture items are made in wood. You can select a style like our beloved Bentwood chairs to create a warm and inviting space. Outdoor settings, on the other hand, require more weather resistance. Thus our outdoor cafe furniture is made in cool powder-coated aluminium or UV-protected Parisian styles.

Furnish in Timeless Designs

For a traditional, put-together look, we often recommend our bentwood chairs in Darwin to begin the start of a new design. Our Bentwood chairs for sale in Darwin represent the styles first made by the Italian designer Michael Thonet. Bentwood chairs channel understated class and refinement in a cafe.

You can use our Bentwood chair and stool for almost any look, from high-end brunch cafes to more relaxed bistros.

Custom Furniture for Cafes & Restaurants in Darwin

Personally tailor your furniture, so it seamlessly fits with the rest of your eatery. You can choose your table top and base by shape, size, and colour when shopping for a table.

 Contact us for more assistance in creating custom furniture suited to your cafe in Darwin.