Industrial Furniture for Sale

Rough, raw and unpolished, that is what makes industrial furniture in Australia so desirable. What was inspired by loft living, factory conversions and grungy warehouse aesthetics, commercial establishments and the hospitality industry is coveting the ‘unfinished’ trend more than ever. Today, this style of furniture transcends urban apartments to retail spaces, including restaurants, reception areas, and modern offices.

The Cafe Furniture Company offers an extensive range of industrial furniture online, including industrial tables, chairs, stools, and other essential pieces to give you the push into modernity.

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What is industrial furniture?

Industrial furniture is rustic and vintage, fused with a modern touch of metal fabrications. This contemporary furniture style involves incorporating plenty of iron, steel, timber and bronze accents in bold or minimalist designs. Materials can be ‘distressed-looking’ to add a sense of authenticity to the furniture pieces.

Eye-catching styles to draw in the crowd

If your business is all about setting the stage and making an impact, then a complete set of industrial dining tables, chairs, and stools can instantly set the atmosphere. By teaming the ruggedness of a natural-grained wooden table with bronze-finished bar stools with leather seats, it can be a great way to blend the boundaries of the past and future into your establishment- and the results are striking!

How to style industrial furniture

This furniture style is all about the ‘ruggedness’ and the natural finishes of materials. Therefore, it’s essential to be selective in your choice of indoor, outdoor and industrial office furniture without making your commercial space appear cold and sparse. Choose your materials wisely and base your colour palette with the existing pieces in your establishment. For example, soften metal, concrete and timber with the softer textures of plush throw cushions and well-placed carpets.

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