Commercial Dining Chairs

A chair isn’t just for decoration. It’s supposed to be comfortable, supportive, stylish enough for the venue and built to last. At the Cafe Furniture Company you are bound to discover a diamond in the rough with our wide range of sleek and contemporary dining chairs, cafe chairs, armchairs and accent chairs. All listed chairs are designed to suit a variety of tastes and match any interior or exterior commercial space.

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Indoor Chairs: Whether you own a quirky venue or a luxurious European-style cafe, great indoor chairs will always adhere to a particular decor, looks undeniably sleek, and are hard-wearing and supportive. To put it simply, it should look fantastic the moment you walk into an establishment. At The Cafe Furniture company, we provide a variety of stackable chairs to casual armchairs in different styles, materials and finishes made for indoor interior space.

Outdoor Chairs: Made to last and withstand the outside elements, our outdoor chairs are made to give any patio or garden-themed cafe a stylish update. Whether it’s rain, hail or shine, our selection of outdoor chairs are durable and long lasting, yet are light enough to be easily packed away for closing time. Choose from a wide variety of metal, wood or rattan furniture pieces in whites, neutrals and more to complement any theme.

Stacking Chairs: Have a dinner party for over fifty people? Take the stress out of any upcoming dining experience with our stackable chairs. Portable, easy to reconfigure, and coming in a variety of colours, styles and finishes, our chairs can comfortably seat as many guests as possible without crowding the space, or sacrificing your customer’s comfort and satisfaction.

Tub Chairs: Featuring the sleek and stylish qualities of a bar stool but the premium comfort of your favourite armchair, tub chairs exude luxury and cosiness without taking up excessive amounts of space. However minimalist or over-the-top the look, there’s a style for every venue.

Office Chairs: Plush, upholstered and stylish in their bold and neutral tones, our office chairs and ottomans are the epitome of comfort and durability. We offer transportable castor chairs, armless blade chairs to elegant armchairs made to match any work-from-home environment to large commercial office spaces.

Cafe Chairs: Outside or in, if you customers aren’t sitting happy, then expect them to leave your cafe with a frown on their face. Whether your tastes are minimalistic, modern or traditional, our cafe chairs are equal parts fashionable and practical. All chairs are crafted from high quality timber, metal or durable plastics to withstand wear and tear.

Industrial Chairs: If you’re looking to give your cafe a comfortable edge with a twist, a chair or bar stool crafted from composite wood and sleek metals can elevate a drab interior to a luxurious space in seconds. Whether you opt for a simple high-back seat to our striking timber sled-base chairs, our high-quality products will undoubtedly make an instant impression in any setting.

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