Wooden Dining Chairs

Sometimes we spend so much time focusing on finding the right kind of dining table to kit out a cafe that we forget the importance of a good, high-quality dining chair. A set of premium timber chairs from The Cafe Furniture Company can make a significant difference to your overall dining experience, provide comfort, style and elevate any existing venue furniture on premises. A timber chair is many things, offering equal parts classic, modern and natural aesthetics to an establishment. A timber chair is also hard-wearing and capable of enduring the everyday treatment of a busy dining environment.

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Solid construction

At The Cafe Furniture Company, we have a collection of timber ridge chairs crafted from high quality hardwoods and reinforced with steel brackets for extra strength and durability. We also have padded cushion options for those who desire additional comfort. We don’t just offer traditional chairs. Explore our range and you will also find outdoor timber chairs that are free of shells and fillers, and available in many modern shades and finishes. From the solid European Beech frame of our Bentwood chairs to our Ashwood Osaka chair, we have endless styles to choose from, all designed to withstand the wear and tear of regular use.

*All chairs are treated with effective protection against the environment.

Rustic seating style

With a rustic timber chair, you can accomplish a modern yet homely dining experience in your commercial establishment. Compared to materials such as plastic or metal, the varying tones and finishes of solid timber ​​frames can bring in inviting warmth to an otherwise ‘stark’ or ‘cold’ feeling establishment. This makes customers want to come into your cafe!


The Cafe Furniture Company strives for quality workmanship and providing its customers variety to ensure your timber dining chairs last for decades. Whether you prefer the understated feel of naturally-toned beech frames or prefer composite styles and veneers partnered with steel, we have a plethora of designs to choose from.

Ready to kit out your cafe? Shop our timber chairs or reach out to the team for more information about a product.