Banquet Dining Tables

Have a special event planned or looking to host a large number of guests? In this case, among other important things, you will require premium banquet tables to accommodate your guests. Unlike any other dining table, these tables are designed to showcase stunning table settings, centerpieces, utensils and other items to serve all invites. While there are many options available to you, it’s ideal to choose collapsible tables for easy transportation when it comes to packing. From round banquet tables, folding banquet tables to white coloured tables to plastic, rest assured your ballroom event won’t be left without fabulously stylish and high-quality venue furniture.

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Easy to transport

Unlike tables with fixed legs, our wholesale banquet tables are foldable to allow for easier transportation and installation. Some can be used in office environments for temporary use, with some fitted with wheels for effortless transportation. As banquet tables are foldable, it also allows for quick and easy storage when not in use.

Deciding the best banquet table for your event

This is dependent on the venue, the occasion and the ambiance you would like. Today, there are two popular styles- round and rectangular. If you’re nearing maximum capacity for the venue, a round banquet table will make the most efficient use of space, encourage conversation (and offer plenty of elbow room!) between invitees and allow an organic flow of foot traffic. Meanwhile straight or rectangular tables make for excellent wedding banquet tables, used for formal occasions or family-style dinners. Depending on how you arrange them, they can also be an efficient use of space. With straight tables, you can also line them up end-to-end to create one large impressive table.

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