Complete Tables

Complete tables in our collection are perfect for creating an aesthetic that sets your business apart. Everything you can want in your commercial tables for restaurants, bars and cafes you can find right here. From contemporary and unique table surfaces in designs such as marble concrete, and oak, to robust pedestal style table bases, if you want something that others can’t easily find anywhere else – this is the collection for you.

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Choose from carefully selected styles to complete your table setting.

Tables for Cafes

Find all the tables you need for your cafe. Complete your cafe with coffee tables for 1-3 people, a large table to easily accommodate a larger group and some bar tables to help seat people on the sideline of your cafe setting.

Tables for Bars

Longer rectangle bar tables are great for seating people vertically in a bar. Tall round bar tables are also popular to accommodate those that wish to sit on stools or stand. You can choose between complete bar tables in natural hues of wood, or in powder coated black or white aluminium to complete the look. Whether indoors or outside.

Tables for Restaurants

The tables of a restaurant make a big and prominent impression, the moment anyone looks in. Prepare the atmosphere for comfort, entertainment and for best enjoying the dishes your restaurant serves with bespoke tables that make the experience of your venue unique. From top to bottom, these complete tables available in a wide range of colours, shades, designs and materials, will help you properly set the tone.

Complete a Unique Table Setting

Our table collection at the Cafe Furniture Company gives every customer the opportunity to create the perfect table setting. With separate table top and table base selections which allow you to custom order your own unique commercial tables. Our wide range of complete tables here differs – as it’s what our staff have designed and put together. Meaning you can spend less time working out what combinations look good to create table settings that make your patrons’ drinks and dishes ‘pop’.

After deciding which tables you love, why not also look through our full collection of chairs? Our Bentwood and Parisian styles are just an example of the elegant arrangements hospitality owners such as yourself have come to expect of our store.