Cafe Chairs

Whether you’re looking to add a few key pieces of venue furniture to your establishment or after a complete cafe fit-out, The Cafe Furniture Company aims to please by giving you a variety of cafe tables and chairs that are sure to leave an impression for any indoor or outdoor space. With a speciality in commercial cafe chairs which have been designed specifically for the hospitality industry, we pride ourselves on giving you furniture that emphasises both quality and affordability. From cafe bistro chairs for fine dining establishments, Parisian wooden cafe chairs for chic outdoor settings and so much more, our range of cafe furniture includes classic, modern, retro, vintage to industrial.

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Variety of styles

A designer cafe chair (or several) is responsible for creating the focal interest and setting the tone of your cafe. When it comes to variety, you won’t have trouble finding a suitable style in different colourways and fabrics that fit seamlessly into your decor. At The Cafe Furniture Company, we offer both indoor and outdoor cafe chairs in a plethora of materials and trends, with most items held in stock for speedy shipping. Whether you’re after a traditional chaise lounge or favour our contemporary models, we guarantee you will find it in our collection in no time.

Stylish & Durable

From hard wearing metal armchairs to the classic Bentwood chair, our cafe chairs for sale are not only stylish but are designed with long-lasting materials so they can withstand the multiple foot traffic that comes with a busy cafe. Our cafe chairs are designed and manufactured from anything including premium  faux leather, composite timber, durable steel, plastic and so much more.

Promote personal connection

From tub chairs, luxury sofas to simple armless chairs, cafe chairs have the power to bring people together and promote social connections in any dining environment. Depending on how you arrange them around a table and relaxed styles, a chair is responsible for encouraging people to mingle, to strike up conversations with friends and share a beverage or three.

Unable to find a style that you’re looking for? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team and we’ll be happy to help.