Hardwood Table Tops

The best of timbers make the best of solid timber table tops, and we offer the most choice timbers to serve your venue with our collection. There is something truly special about solid hardwood timber table tops. Gorgeous with rich or pale hues and notable grain, and strong with tough hard wearing resilience. They’re a step above any compact laminate or other wood-look substitutes.

Select from our contemporary and industrial solid timber table tops to create tables that set your cafe, bar or restaurant apart.

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Craft a unique table to set the ambience for your cafe with all the options for your custom design. With our selection of high quality solid timber table tops in Sydney, it’s easy.

Find the timber table tops here. Then complete with a strong table base that will also make a statement to create a dining room setting that your guests are sure to remember. We provide the best timber for table tops, with beechwood, rubberwood, pine, other hardwood and softwood species.

European Solid Timber Table Tops

There’s often nothing more contemporary in wood than European Beechwood solid timber table surfaces. Renowned for their elegant pale yellowish-brown hues and straight grain patterns in both heartwood and sapwood. European Beech timber tops make beautifully light and airy settings in any cafe when used for your coffee tables.

Complement the European flair of your wood table tops with our elegant Bentwood chairs or wicker Parisian chairs.

Australian Made Timber Table Tops

The best ‘no fuss’ timber table tops in Australia will always be Australian wood species. Native timber such as Blackbutt acclimates perfectly with the Australian climate. Giving you solid hard-wearing surfaces that you can expect to remain so throughout the years.

With the distinctive rustic nature of how recycled hardwood weathers, these recycled timber table tops really bare the character of Australia. Available in different species of solid wood, suitable for indoors or outdoors. Don’t forget to complete your wooden dining table set with our wide collection of chairs.

Need any assistance selecting between our styles or types of wood? Please reach out to us.