Office Chairs

The Cafe Furniture company is a one-stop-shop for stylish, comfortable and versatile chairs. Whether you’re working from home or part of a corporate office, a reasonably priced office chair is an integral part of your daily 9-5 working experience. Since the most part of your day is spent sitting at your desk, it’s vital to choose chairs that best suit your working needs, is comfortable to sit on, and ergonomically designed to support your spine. You also need to find an accessible office chair within your budget, should you have to buy the same chair in bulk.

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Benefits of a Good Office Chair

Many people who experience a daily 9-5 work environment are unaware of the long-term impact of sitting in a poorly designed chair for up to 8 hours a day. You may have experienced the effects yourself- back and neck pain to loss of productivity. Ergonomic design and comfortable seating is host to many benefits.

When employees are provided with good-quality office chairs, productivity levels increase, can significantly reduce back and neck pain, and minimise leg strain associated with being seated for long periods of time. Therefore, it can encourage your employees to work more efficiently, and reduce healthcare expenses related to poor posture caused by unsuitable office chairs.

Our range

We stock corporate seating styles ranging from plush, high-back chairs, upholstered castor armchairs to luxe armless sled chairs that are perfect for interviews or arranged meetings. We also offer office chairs online that are perfect to complement any reception or waiting area.

Boardroom/Meeting Room chairs: For long-hour meetings, it’s essential that your co-workers and clients have an ideal chair to sit on. The Cafe Furniture Company is equipped with both stationary and transportable corporate chairs online from upholstered castor armchairs and armless sled chairs in varying colours, and fabrics.

Waiting Room Chairs: The waiting room is where visitors and new employees get a glimpse of your business. Having high-quality, stylish and comfortable visitor office chairs are crucial to present your business in a positive light.

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