Industrial Chairs

Looking to equip your dining establishment, lounge area or office space with premium quality furniture? Give any interior a modern edge and open the space with The Cafe Furniture Company’s industrial chairs and tables. Combining the old with the new, industrial accent chairs and metal furniture surged in popularity in recent years, taking inspiration from old factory warehouses which were converted into workplaces, lofts and living spaces. They have since garnered widespread appeal for its striking look.

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Functional meets style

If you’re strapped for space or trying to accommodate multiple persons in an office, lounge or dining space and industrial metal chair or lounge, stool and matching bar table are ideal choices. ​​Industrial modern style is characterised by its raw unfinished look, cutting out the excess and leading towards practicality of form. Think of clean lines and utilitarian silhouettes. Therefore, this style can easily complement any environment without overpowering existing furniture and interior fittings, or taking too much space.

Materials that last

An important aspect of industrial chairs are the materials used to make them. The materials commonly used to manufacture industrial accent chairs can endure or even be enhanced by a little wear and tear, which makes them timeless pieces for busy establishments, such as restaurants. Our industrial furniture is designed and made from a variety of materials including metals, timber blends, wrought iron and so much more.

Choosing the right industrial chairs and tables

While they are renowned for their durability, cost-effectiveness and functionality, it’s important to choose the right industrial furniture that meets your unique requirements. It’s essential to take certain factors into consideration to make the right decision. If you’re focused on making your workplace comfortable, you need to invest in industrial office chairs that focus on ergonomic seats for support. For restaurants and cafes, find industrial leather dining chairs with extra padded seating or curved backs that promote posture to prevent slouching and add a sense of comfort to the ‘minimalist’ style of industrial seating.

With so many models, shapes, designs and sizes available, it always pays to be specific in your seating requirements to make the right choice. If you’re having trouble finding industrial chairs that suit your needs, don’t hesitate to contact us.