Commercial Armchairs

Whether you’re looking to kit out a brand new brunch establishment or a stylish office space, you can’t have a functional space without comfortable seating for your guests and tables to match. This is why at The Cafe Furniture Company, we have curated an impressive range of armchairs for sale designed to integrate into any modern office and meeting room, fine dining area, casual coffee house or reception area. From modern high back armchairs to white cafe armchairs that are perfect for outdoor settings, you’ll find whatever venue furniture you need with us.

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Which modern armchair should I choose?

With so many styles and varieties, it makes narrowing the search for the best style more difficult. Different types of armchairs can serve many purposes and evoke different moods. A beautifully upholstered tub chair can make the perfect complement to sofas and add luxury to a venue. Mid century modern chairs if strategically positioned around low coffee tables can create the perfect ambience for a lobby or restaurant. Meanwhile, small outdoor armchairs that are easy to move are perfect for offering additional seating if you need to accommodate extra guests.

Ergonomic design

At The Cafe furniture company, we pride ourselves on combining high-quality materials and ergonomic design to create modern armchairs for sale that are not only stylish but comfortable and luxurious in style. Whether you prefer upholstered or non-upholstered, each of our armchairs provides optimal lumbar support at the right points to ensure your guests can relax and enjoy their meals throughout the day.

Decorate your modern armchairs with soft furnishings

To fully maximise the comfort of your modern armchairs, add a few cushions in contrasting colours or textures. Not only will they improve the mood of your decor, but allow customers to recline back comfortably.

Can’t find the perfect armchair you’re looking for? Contact our friendly customer service team and we can find venue furniture that best fits your visions.