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Whether or not you are consciously aware of it, pub furniture can make or break the pub experience. If you’re on the lookout for premium quality furniture that can accommodate the bustling pub lifestyle, look no further than The Cafe Furniture Company.

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Pub environment vs. restaurants

Pubs compared to fine dining restaurants have contrasting dining experiences. Whilst the latter is a place built to serve food and beverages to customers, a pub is a place to casually get together and share conversation over a pint. Pubs are more informal than restaurants and all about drawing up chairs and bar stools, and sitting wherever you feel like. You also have the option to sit at a cosy table with friends in a more intimate alcove area. While restaurants undergo regular upgrades, a pub can keep its warm, inviting atmosphere for years. Simply put, the pub’s appeal lies solely in its familiarity and location.

Hard-wearing materials designed to last

The most iconic element of pub style furniture is its weathered and worn appeal. That’s because pubs aren’t as regularly renovated in interiors as much as a modern commercial establishment. It’s important to be selective about shopping for reliable pub tables and chairs that last through the years, and requires little maintenance. At The Cafe Furniture Company, we manufacture our stools, table tops and barstools from durable materials including benchwood, oak, steel and composite plastic to withstand the heavy foot-traffic and bustly hours that come with this environment.

Pubs provide you variety

Formal dining establishments usually stick to one specific theme. With a pub, you can get a little creative. When choosing pub furniture, you want to find essential pieces that honestly reflect the neighbourhood and its regulars. For example, if you’re after a more traditional pub vibe, booth and wall seating could provide old-time charm. Want to add more experiences? Place a few barstools close to arcade machines to allow your guests to sit down. Have an intimate outdoor setting? Off-set the grunge with a set of beautiful Parisian stools and tables.

If you’re keen on fitting out your pub with affordable quality furniture, don’t hesitate to reach out today.