Timber Bar Stools

Coming in various heights, shades and wood types, good quality timber bar stool will last you years and add richness to any fine-dining or casual establishment. From three-legged bar stools, luxe low-back styles, benchwood bar stools to something more eclectic, The Cafe Furniture Company offers most of these seating options for your new commercial applications.

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Designed for durability and comfort

Timeless and elegant, a good quality timber bar stool is sturdy and durable. Unlike other materials, wood doesn’t warp or dent as it ages and instead wears beautifully over time. As timber can be carved and shaped in many exciting silhouettes, a bar stool made from wood is infinitely more comfortable than stools crafted from man-made materials.

Styles for everyone

From classic, minimalist to rustic, we have indoor and outdoor timber bar stools that complement any commercial or hospitality application. Our most popular styles range from traditional beechwood stools for pub environments to more composite styles that suit any modern venue

Range of heights to choose from

From small seats no taller than mid-thigh to stools above seventy-five centimetres to chairs with or without backrests or arms, our solid timber stools can accommodate any existing bar furniture and in-built countertops on your premises.

Easy maintenance and cleanup

Compared to fabric furniture, taking care of our commercial timber stools is relatively straightforward. There is no need to dust your stools every day, but we recommend a quick clean once a week. Simply wipe down your seat with a dampened cloth, then wipe away the remaining moisture with a dry cloth. Use a natural fibre cloth like cotton, as synthetic fibres can cause surface scratches.

The Cafe Furniture Company is dedicated to providing quality timber bar stools to fit any venue. Have a question? Please feel free to ask our friendly staff.