Cafe Furniture Brisbane

Cafe Furniture Brisbane

You want your guests to feel welcome, comfortable and excited to dine the moment they walk in. We know that the food and drinks are what they come in for, but it’s the atmosphere that ensures they stay.

Set the scene for regulars, and for close-knitted celebrations and deep coffee table conversations with timeless cafe furniture in Brisbane.

Explore an Extensive Range of Commercial Cafe Furniture

Start the process of fitting out your cafe or replacing damaged furniture with our wide range of commercial cafe furniture in Brisbane. Delve into hundreds of different styles and designs for café chairs and tables, bar stools and dining sets.

Commercial furniture is made different. From all the scrutiny it gets from those coming in or those taking a look in passing, to all the heavy use it gets from your patrons. It needs to be comfortable, stand out, be of high quality, and withstand a lot of wear. As a specialist hospitality furniture supplier, you can always rely on our wide selection of stunning new furniture that is perfectly suited for your venue.

We’re your one-stop shop for solutions to elevate the ambience, with quality products at affordable prices.

Create Warm And Inviting Spaces

There is almost nothing as comforting as a warm-toned timber cafe with a rich coffee roast, or an airy interior filled with plants. Our carefully curated collection gives you the solutions from the choicest buyers, to create that sense of ‘welcome’ that sees your patrons return. Seat guests with the subtle and warm elegance of bentwood chairs, or other designs and styles from our wide collection. Create your own custom dining tables, or buy from a range of contemporary soft-toned coffee tables.

There are so many choices in our selection to mix and match to create that space where patrons always return.

Durable And Versatile Outdoor Furniture

Our range of beautifully designed Brisbane cafe furniture does not stop between four walls. Buy from our considerable range of cafe furniture in Brisbane for your outdoors. We stock tables with corrosion-resistant powder coatings, table bases with stainless steel, and weather-resistant table top designs.

Outdoor cafe furniture in Brisbane is also easy to look after, clean and maintain. Remember to wipe down your furniture in the case of rain, but otherwise, you can expect our outdoor tables, chairs and stools to last with brilliance.

Need any assistance finalising a design? Ask our design-focused staff, or get more information about a product. At the Cafe Furniture Company, we’re always happy to help.