Tub Chairs

If you’re looking for chic venue furniture that instantly elevates the ambiance of any cafe, bar or restaurant, look no further than the stylish tub chair. Sometimes known as bucket chairs, these unique styles of armchairs are great seating options for reception areas, lobbies or generally anywhere you want your customers to feel comfortable and relaxed. With their rich colours, rich textures and long deep backs, tubs are the height of comfort and luxury. At The Cafe Furniture Company, our extensive range of tub chairs for sale are designed to suit any dining setting, built to last a lifetime and pair with any coffee or low-rise dining table.

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Versatile & Plush

From our minimalist Bronte chair, our Art Deco Plum chair to our undeniably elegant Polar armchair, tub dining chairs have an uncanny ability to add an element of luxury to any environment- from the corner cafe to the trendiest nightclub in the heart of the city. Beautiful upholstered tub chairs make a versatile choice, adding new dimensions and a sense of drama to existing décor.

Mobile & Easy to Transport

While most people would love to have the benefit of having multiple of these lush chairs in every corner of the room, it’s just not feasible. If you’re strapped for space or need to accommodate extra guests on a whim, tub chairs that swivel or are fitted with wheels can be a fantastic solution. Mobile tub chairs negate this problem by delivering a stylish look, comfortable seating and the flexibility to adjust and move on a whim without having to call in staff or heavy lifters.

Suitable for Office Environments

As far as contemporary designs go, our tub chairs for sale are undoubtedly popular for the office environment whether they’re decorating the reception area, break out rooms or meeting room. Curved, compact and comfortable, a tub chair ticks many practical and aesthetic boxes. Their stylish look and comfy exteriors ensures they can complement a modern office design yet meet a key requirement- guaranteeing the comfort of your clients.

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