RSL Furniture for Sale

Here’s to affordable prices to fit out RSL clubs with elegance. When you are filling out the interior design of any RSL club, you want RSL furniture that looks and feels good. As well as pricing that is competitive enough to help you fit out a larger venue.

Versatility is what makes RSL furniture. Making for the perfect pieces to keep up with all the activities that your club hosts. Make a place that welcomes everyone, especially members, with our stylish and durable range of RSL furniture. Find supportive and elegant seating to fit in with any vintage or modern design. Fill in dining settings, entertainment areas and meeting rooms with furniture that is durable enough to stand through time and tough conditions, yet lightweight enough to stack away.

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RSL Furniture for Sale

Create beautiful and comforting spaces for your members, patrons and guests to enjoy. Buy dining tables, chairs, bar tables and bar stools to uplift any RSL club at the Cafe Furniture Company.

For example, you place in new bentwood stools to add a sense of European charm that enhances any French or Italian restaurant.

RSL Communal Booth Dining

Cushioning seating makes every dining experience feel more special. Give your guests a warm and intimate place to eat with friends and family even in a larger colder hall with booth-style seating. Larger banquet tables give lots of room for family-style eating, where the food gets passed around or taken from a share plate based on how hungry everyone is. While cushioned lounge benches or cushioned dining chairs make sitting down comfortable, for a great place to sit, talk and eat.

Our collection curates some of the latest styles and quintessential classics in dining and living room furniture to enjoy.

We can assist you with selecting dining sets or packages for your RSL club with tables and chairs designed for RSLs. Please contact our staff, for any additional information you may need.