Venue Furniture

In hospitality venues, the setting is often what makes the event. Where furniture, furnishings and decor makes a direct impact on your business with customers deciding whether or not to book your business on looks, you need gorgeous comfortable commercial venue furniture to set and complete every table. Turning a simple gathering into an occasion to be remembered.

Our banquet hall tables and other venue furniture is widely sought for hospitality venues, located both indoors and outside.

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Turning your Cafe into a Venue

Sophisticated styles in your cafe furniture can change the experience of your diners, transforming a simple eatery into a memorable venue. Parisian chairs and stools can usher in that popular Hamptons or Miami beach feel to transport your patrons somewhere else. Industrial black stools with curved beams can turn your cafe from a place to eat and drink coffee, to a fashionable modern venue.

Giving your cafe a breathtaking makeover is simple when you choose the right pieces. And The Cafe Furniture Company’s venue cafe furniture collection is the perfect place to find them.

Setting out your venue’s tables & seating

Banquet Hall Tables & Bar Tables: Setting out your tables is often the first step when creating the interior design for a venue or banquet hall. Our collection pays attention to creating banquet tables with all the right attention to detail. We create sturdy table bases in modern or vintage fashion and in beautiful gold, brass, stainless steel and matte black finishes. Before completing them with high quality table tops with opulent natural stone or timber looking designs.

Chairs & Stools: The chairs for your venue are often what guests pay attention to when joining or leaving the table. Select from versatile designer styles like bentwood chairs, for the ideal accompaniment to serve well for any event. Powder coated aluminium or PVC venue outdoor furniture also offers a finish resistant to the weather that makes for a choice in which you can’t go wrong.

Enjoying too many options but don’t have the time to narrow it down? Contact Us and our hospitality furniture specialists are happy to help you with suggestions.