Bar Stools

Creating a sensory experience from start to finish for your patrons begins with your choice of seating.

Comfortable bar stools are the answer when it comes to settings that bring people together. When long legged high standing bar stools are in the room, women particularly are able to sit more comfortably while crossing their legs. With less stuffy and more intimate – everyone also feels closer, conversations are more free flowing, and so is the food and drinks!

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At The Cafe Furniture Company, we have commercial bar stools for sale in Sydney that help make any bar setting look and feel great.

Choose Versatile Natural Designs

You can find a versatile style that always looks gorgeous in your bar when you buy bar stools in wood. Wooden bar stools come with neutral hues and soft natural ingrained textures that make them feel in place, almost anywhere. An example of one of these popular styles is Bentwood, available both in bar stools or chairs.

Choose Easy & Understated Elegance

If your bar is near the beach, a river, the outdoors or has a light and airy aesthetic, you may enjoy outfitting your interiors with rattan. Made from woven wood, rattan has an understated elegance for a look that is tasteful but not loud. It’s what makes rattan bar stools a great choice in bistro style designer bars in black and white, patisseries, or anywhere you desire an atmosphere that feels easy, welcoming and light.

All The Latest Styles in One Place

Find all the most modern and beloved styles in bar stools online for your bar right here. The Cafe Furniture Company holds one of the most reputed collections of luxury bar stools in Australia. Designed, crafted and tested to meet commercial standards, our modern bar stools bring together the best of durability and style to give you beautiful stools that continue to last. They make the perfect accompaniment to any high bar table.

Please get in touch if you desire any design assistance, or a booking to see our showroom.