Hey Table

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Available table top size: 700×700, Ø700, 800×800, Ø800

Design: Pawlak & Stawarski

The Hey collection is an alternative to tables with a metal base. The collection is made entirely of natural wood. All versions of the tables from the Hey collection are made from one compact. The wide plywood is cut into three or four components of the leg, forming a three-leg base for tables with a round top and a four-leg base for tables with a square top, respectively. The base of the table is an elegant form, and the place of joining the legs into a column is a characteristic detail of this furniture.

The legs of both table variants can be finished in two ways: half-round and sharp, narrowing downwards. Tables can be stained entirely in one color or separately base and countertop – obtaining a diverse character of the furniture.

The idea of ​​the Hey table family is based on a wise, sustainable use of the advantages of plywood bending technology. When producing legs from one mold, we get four versions of the tables.

The Hey table collection, designed for modern restaurants and food courts, will also fit into any contemporary home interior.

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